Epiphany’s Story

Toward the middle of 2015, a small group of people began making plans to start a new church in Manhattan. Almost instantly, the Stuyvesant Town area jumped out at us. Here was a place when combined with the East Village housed 125,000 human beings in one square mile. Here was a place where families and college students and people from everywhere around the globe were gathered. Here was a place that didn’t have nearly enough churches ministering to the needs of all these people. So we moved into the area and almost instantly started developing relationships with people from all over the area. In a matter of months, small groups started meeting at Pastor Erick’s apartment. Eventually, we rented out an historic church on 20th street and 1st Avenue to host worship services and now here we are, a community of people God is growing called Epiphany Lutheran Church.

Our hope is that Epiphany would be known as a church that exists for the benefit of Stuytown, Peter Cooper Village and Alphabet City—- that as people connect into our community they would be transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ and ultimately become people that share that love and grace with their friends and neighbors.

Epiphany's Mission