The Mission of Epiphany Lutheran Church

A Church For Others:

What comes to mind when we think of that word? In the most basic sense, we think of someone who is different from us. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. But scratch beneath the surface of the way we use that word “others” and oftentimes it means someone on the outside, someone excluded, someone who doesn’t belong.

When Jesus Christ walked in this world, there is something striking about the way He grew his movement. Instead of ingratiating himself with the religious or political elites of his day, He deliberately went looking for “others.” To those who had been excluded by the religious establishment, He said, “Follow me.” To those deemed threats by the political class, He said, “Come to me”. His message was a message of redemption for all: The rich, the poor, the powerful, the powerless, the righteous, the unrighteous, to every member of every race, to the sick, the marginalized, the guilty, the dirty, the messy, the condemned, the outsider, He proclaimed that though their sins were as scarlet He would make them white as snow. He proclaimed to everyone that “God wants you, God includes you, God loves you. I have come to seek and save that which was lost.” Jesus came for others.

As disciples of this Jesus, Epiphany Lutheran Church’s mission is to follow in His footsteps. Our mission is to embrace the outsider with the truth that the Lord of heaven and earth wants them. Our mission is to welcome those with questions and doubts about Christianity and to wrestle openly and honestly with those questions. Our mission is to rush to the poor with food and clothing and as much as we can give to provide for their needs. Our mission is to let the people of Stuyvesant Town, Peter Cooper Village and Alphabet City know that in their community a church is here that will strive to love everyone from every place in life.

Epiphany Lutheran Church’s mission is simple: We’re a church for others.

What We Believe